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Commission’s Meetings: Formalizing Decision Making Process Back

The Commission started functioning, in the beginning month of January, 2015, with lots of teething troubles. Despite this, the work started with the skeletal staff provided with the BC Division of the Ministry and bare physical amenities, including office space, provided by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment. Though the Commission met informally on a few occasions during the span of eight months (January-September, 2015), the first formal meeting of the Commission could be held only on September 30, 2015 to discuss procedures regarding the transaction of the business of the Commission. The second meeting was held on October 15, 2015 and on that date the Commission considered 15 agenda points and orders were passed on them for action. From September, 2015, the Commission held more than 20 regular meetings.

In addition to the formal meetings of the Commission unscheduled meetings were also held with the representatives of the various Corporations like NSFDC, NBCFDC, NSKFDC, NSTFDC on the issues on benefits under different schemes of the Corporations to the DNT/NT communities formulated by the corporations, the Commission felt it necessary to have interactions with them.

It is satisfying to note, for instance, that the corporations have set up goals in their organizations in respect to the concerns of DNT communities as voiced by the Commission. This, in turn, has resulted in raising awareness about, and concern for, DNT/NT rights within these corporations, facilitating speedy and sympathetic disposal of the benefits relating to DNT/NT educational institutions, improving their feel-good-index. Commission intends to continue such interactions with the appropriate functionaries of Corporations of the Centre and States.