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Interim recommendations of the commission to central government and the state governments Back
      1. Commission has decided that based on its visits to the states, communities and meetings with the community leaders/researchers/NGOs, etc and its observations, it will be submitting, from time to time, starting with short-term recommendations, so that action for the upliftment of the DNT/NT communities can be started without waiting for full 3 years of the Commission when the final report will be submitted.
      2. Accordingly, the following policy recommendations have been approved by the Commission in the last six months:-
        (i) Formation of district-level Grievance Redressal Committee headed by the District Magistrate
        (ii) On the pattern of Maharashtra Government, each state would be requested to establish a Directorate for DNT/NT to chalk out programmes for their development and allocation of budget, etc.
        (iii) On the pattern of Gujarat, all the state governments should be requested to constitute Corporation/Board for development of the DNT/NT communities.
      3. Apart from the above, Commission also has considered the following subjects to be examined by sub-groups to prepare policy   papers for recommendations to the Government of India:-
        (a) Preparing a Housing scheme and allotment of land for housing as is done for communities in Gujarat
        (b) Reservation of seats for DNT/NT students in hostels constructed for SC/ST/OBC communities as is done in Karnataka.
        (c) In view of the recent budget announcement to establish economic hubs for SC/ST communities in small and medium industries,proposal to allow the produce of DNT/NT communities to be marketed in these hubs.
      4.For preparing development programmes and policies, the basic data on DNT/NT are not available as there has been no census on these communities, nor the places where they are densely populated have been identified. So, it would be further examined to  request Government of India and Registrar General of India (Census) for conducting census for the DNT/NT communities.